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Art Start Creative Boost

Are you looking for more creativity in your life and want to find out what you are good at? Not quite sure where to start yet? 

You use different techniques and you will try out all kinds of materials. 

Find out here what interests you. You learn to look better at what you see and to let go of judgments about how something should be in your head.

Do you like being outside? then you can also do the Art & Nature Outdoor art lessons.

 1/03 -29/3

 €‎ 350



Learn how to make your own portrait in a simple way. Learn about colours, shapes and different techniques.

 1/03 -29/3

 €‎ 350


Art  Plus- Mentor sessions

Advance more in your practice as an artist. Find your personal touch and interests. Set your own artistic parameters. Reflect and progress.


 €‎ 350


Art & Nature

Enjoy being outside and getting inspired by the surrounding nature of Bakkum. The dunes and forest. Learn basic techniques


 €‎ 350

foto; DJH Warmelink.jpeg

Art & Business Course

Learn the more advanced parts of running a professional art practice. Includes how to deal with proposals, funding, communication, Pr, Website, mailinglist, management, exhibitions etc.


 €‎ 350

"Lessen van Marieke hebben precies gebracht waar ik naar zocht.
Mijn vraag was niet specifiek en veranderde met de tijd maar ze voelde goed aan in welke richting ik wou en ze was flexibel genoeg om mee te bewegen.
Ze was erg betrokken en enthousiast. Kon niet beter. " - Jeroen Tien

"Het was een eye-opener!
Ik kijk uit naar toekomstige lessen!
Je instructies waren zo duidelijk en lieten me dingen anders zien"

Renate Nujsongsinn 

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